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Aum Shree Maa

Shree Shree Baba Shree Procession India

In the whole universe, where there is no peace everywhere, in such an environment, the messiah of peace has pondered over: the world is getting burnt in unrest, how make to make it peaceful? In search of this, he set off and after many years of circumferencing by walk “Maa Shri Narmadaa Ji” and meditation, via “Ma Shri Narmadaa Ji” he got the knowledge path of peach named “Shree Nirvikaar Path” and started the process of walking in this path. In the way that “Maa Shri Narmadaa Ji” immediately bestows her blessings, similarly, the process after being injected in the body, starts having its effects at a slow pace. These “vidhis” are unique in the whole world because they are not originating from Earth but from “Dev Lok”.

The Campaign of Shree Shree Baba Shree

Lets March Towards Satyuga

meaning lets walk towards the era of peace. Satyuga is the era of peace and truth. When man lives by holding truth in this era, then according to his wishes, every wishes were accomplished via the medium of “vidhis”, by marching towards Satyuga, when man abolishing his habits, can only mental and ..by being transformed can go. By undergoing these vidhis, he himself, can reach the peace era and whatever thoughts, work which are borne in his mind are astonishingly accomplished. Whose who did not adopt Shree Nirvikaar Path before, via the vidhis, upon adopting them, the thoughts get ….. Decision-making capacity strengthens. One gets more respect, working capacity increases.

The vidhis of Shree Nirvikaar Path produced by Shree Shree Baba Shree are unworldly which shows how man should lead his daily life, how to wake up, how to eat, what should be done and what should be avoided. From the time of waking up to having rest at night, these vidhis are taught in an orderly manner, that uptil
now neither nobody has taught in this way nor communicated to others.

The Peace Campaign of Shree Shree Baba Shree

In 1984, He set for circumferencing Maa Shree Narmadaa Ji and after obtaining the vidhis from Maa, becoming a Peace Missionary, he sacrificed solid food and stopped eating fruits. He started to feed his body only on the water of Maa Shree Narmadaa Ji and 750gm of milk and today, in doing so, has completed 18 years. For the cause of human peace, such a big sacrificed is unique, each ounce of his energy is devoted for the cause of human peace. Being abstained from solid food, he explains/ teaches each family the vidhis.

Many years passed by, marked by the coming of many difficulties, but he did not put any pause or showed laziness in his cause and he has been continually devoted to his cause. His feelings are that how should peace be prevailing in every human being. On these feelings, he has been devoting each second in his life. Within him, one cannot find any other thought apart from the welfare of human beings and peace amongst all human beings. With all his energy in the cause of putting people in the path of peace and to eliminate all the vices in man, he spends all his time in it.

With the blessings of Shree Maa Narmadaa, Shree Shree Baba Shree obtained such vidhis are cannot be found in other place. They are different

    1. In Shree Nirvikaarpath, the vidhis of the formless life, and via them, man undergoing such good changes that he wont wish to live in the vices of the previous life
    2. For 18 years continuously, only on Shree Maa Narmadaa Ji’s water and 750gm milk, he leads the life of a normal youth, his blood pressure, pulse shows his good health.
    3. The devotional songs composed, upon sung by man, upon attaining peace, man can stay listening to those songs.
    4. The knowledge obtained from the vidhis: The crossing of hands and legs are harmful to blood pressure, pulse and has a harmful effect on heart.
    5. The root of the 81 feet beard

It is uncommon to find the sacrifice and penance of his body. This situation is derived from the blessings of Maa Shree Narmadaa Ji. Without solid food, he is still energetic. His body does not contain any oil or salt.
One cannot witness such a big sacrifice and great work for the cause of global peace. Even after suffering from great difficulties, each breath is taken for the cause of putting man in the peace march.

In overall, until and uptil he still breathes, he continues to work for the betterment/welfare of the human society and will continue to do so.

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