Sant is somebody who sacrifices everything and stays in the lap of mother. Self-actualisation when reached, those living with Sant bhavna, they have, for the welfare of human beings, having sacrificed themselves, they are engaged in the mission of increasing human welfare and we also, Shree "Shree Baba Shree", with this same feeling, we are set out to increase human welfare, that the whole universe's destiny is mine and the whole universe's human society is my family. For the welfare, peace and progress of my family, the "gyan" (knowledge) obtained from Maa are formless. After doing 5 rounds of Mata Shree Narmada Ji, we obtained the gyan kalash of Nirivikaar Path. This knowledge is scientific and electronic also. These knowledge, upon being put in practice by man in his daily life will undergo a complete change. These Vidhis, that are from Shri Nirvikaar Path, are from ancient times, they were secret. These vidhis, being experimented with, in the humans' body, via the medium of "tarang" are effective and on the human's body has a slow effect. On a daily basis, those who practice these vidhis according to the timetable, become an epitome in the society. These vidhis from Shree Nirvikaar Path are from Devlok, that today on earth, humans, via Shree Nirvikaar Path, are being taught.

Since 1984, Shree Shree Baba Shree left home and started parikrama of Shri Ma Narmada river. 1984-Navratri and Shree Shre Baba Shree was nirjala - he was living 10 days only on air. During these 10 days Shree Shree Baba Shree felt that somebody told him wake up and save as much as you can. Shree Shree Baba Shree Ji stopped eating solid food and fruit. Since 1986, he lives on only Shree Ma Narmada water and 700 gm of milk. In 1988 he had already completed his first parikrama. Shree Shree Baba Shree says that even today his mind is still there doing parikrama (mansic parikrama).

Shree Shree Baba Shree