Maa Narmada Rewaji

It is believed that Ma Narmada is born in the period of satyug. Ma Narmada is a combined form of shiva and Ma Parvatee. When shivji drank the poison to save the world, then he fall down and Ma Parvatee was afraid so quickly she took her three middle fingers of her right hand and draw three line on shivji neck so that the poison do not go throughout the body. She said she is his, (man se, tan se and vachan se). At this time a drop of sweat came out of shivji neck and Ma Narmada appeared in ball roupa in form of baby. It is said whoever do the paricrama of Ma Narmada (Narmada river) they may see Ma Narmada in baby form there.

It is the only river in the world where Paricrama is done. For several thousand of years monks and hermits (rishis, sunt, sadhu and mahatma) are doing the paricrama of this river.

The Narmada river is considered extremely holy by Hindus. It is said that just the sight of the river is enough to wash away all sins. Legend has it that the mere sight of this river is enough to cleanse one’s soul, as against a dip in the Ganga or seven in the Yamuna. Water from Ma Narmada is very pure and it is believed to contain Amrita

Narmada River India

Narmada undoubtedly is India’s most breathtakingly beautiful river. She is also the most feminine in her movements, as she slithers through thousands of kilometers of hostile terrain. The river Narmada descended from the sky as by the order of Lord Shiva. The origin is situated at the mountain series of ‘Maikal’in Madhya Pradesh. Believed to have originated from the body of Shiva, the river is also known as Jata Shankari. The worship of Shiva is common in these areas, and each stone or pebble found in the bed of the Narmada is believed to be a Shivalinga. All the places along the banks like Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, and Mahadeo are all named after Shiva. Among the sacred rivers Narmada holds a significant place. The river is considered the mother and giver of peace.

The Ganga is believed to visit this river once a year, in the guise of a black cow to cleanse herself of all her collected sins. The great river runs through rift valleys, which are part of perhaps the oldest geological formations of India. Places along the banks” Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, and Mahadeo are all named after Shiva.

Omkareshwar has several old and new temples. There is an island on the river that is supposed to have one of India’s twelve great Shivalingas. Maheshwar is on the northern banks of the river.

Maa Narmada India

The water of Ma Narmada has high healing power. It cures many diseases . An example is Shree Shree Baba Shree who lives on the water of Ma Narmada since 17 years .when doctors checked Shree Shree Baba Shree they found that his health condition and his blood is like a young person.