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These Karmvidhis belong to SATYUGA. Their nature is of MAHAYOGA. They are hidden, imperceptible and scientific and they have been manifested after a great spiritual and metaphysical austerity and meditation by Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji. These karmvidhis are full of electric power and are quick fruit-yielding. They frame the daily life style of human being and are not open for all.

They have been manifested after a great meditative experiment and experienced by Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji. Thus, they are like secret Guru mantras. They are given to only the Followers of Nirvikar Path by Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji to whose who decide to lead a passionless life and be committed to this path wholeheartedly.

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The Karmvidhis bring peace of mind, prosperity and progress in the lives of those who follow them.

They have proved to be advantageous to lead a graceful and ideal life with ease, peace and happiness. They are antidisease also like Yoga.

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The KARMVIDHI has been manifested for the well being of all humanity, to give relief to suffering human beings from all types of vices. They are inspired by divine powers, Indian Adhyatmik Vigyan and its electrical power. They are peace-giving, fear-removing, progress oriented, anti disease and scientific. That’s why, they affect our body and mind like electric current and makes us experience the results very soon. These claims are neither bombastic nor imaginary. Thousands of families have occupied the Nirvikar Path and its scientifically experienced Karmvidhis and have been benefited beyond their hopes.

These Karmvidhis belong to SATYUGA and had been imperceptible for the ages but now they have been manifested through Nirvikar Path and SATYUGA has prevailed into the lives of those who are following them. One can experience the completeness and truth after he becomes a member of Nirvikar family and practices this Karmvidhi.

These Karmvidhis are given to each and every human being a “ man or women, the young or the old, child or grown up  irrespective of their caste, creed and religion by Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji during his SATSANG. This Satsanga is related with our thoughts, attitudes, worries, anxieties, diseases and instabilities as Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji is deeply moved to see the distortion and mental agitation in modern times in our country as well as in the world. The one and only aim of Nirvikarism is human welfare and well-being of all the human being of the world, whater caste, creed, and religion they might belong to. The manifestor of Nirvikar Path and Karmvidhi, Shri Shri Baba Shri Ji is continuously trying to get human life free of all the worldly vices, degenerations and corruptions through these Karmvidhis.