Shree Shree Baba Shree Quotes

The changes that occur in nature are time bound. Who knows about nature? No one really knows about it. Just like man does not really know about his own habits, nor can he ever knows about it, similarly no one can claim to know exactly about nature. The full responsibility of nature lies in the hand of the divine mother.


A bulb will light when switched on because this is real; there is a flow of current, so when you switched on the reality manifested as light, however, the sun is also real. It has been self-illuminating for eras and aeons. The sun is ever self-energised and self-illuminating. The sun and the moon have always been self-illuminating or they may themselves only know their sources of illumination or from where they have been cursed.

If the flow of actions is stopped, the whole thinking process is disturbed. When the systematic thinking process is disturbed then instability prevails and with instability we will never achieve our goal.

Shree Shree Baba Shree Ji.


Faith, the priceless jewel.

If we have faith we can obtain anything.

Faith helps us to reach towards god.

Faith enables us to achieve supreme knowledge.

This is why we should resort to faith.

Shree Shree Baba Shree Ji.


Noting will not suffice,

Bearing in mind also will not suit the purpose,

Beware! Be Alert! And then Decide,

As everything is meant for the sake of Peace.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.




Understand it completely,

Pause upon having completely understood,




Act systematically.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.



Animals retaliate upon being attacked,

But, men retaliate upon being forgiven.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.


No matter how dreadfully,

No matter how filthy,

No matter how steeply,

The way appears,

Be guided only by your divine goal while crossing.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.


Circumambulation of Ma Narmada is the process,

The product is completeness of self,

Completeness of self with the surrounding entity,

Completeness of self with the Divine.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.


Do not meet for conference but meet to confederate.

Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.


Trust does not exist,

Trust is like a bridge,

It should be Built,

Consolidated and


Revered Shri Baba Shri Ji.